Thursday, July 2, 2009

Oh shit.

It's the same old stuff. They've been telling you all this shit for so long it goes through on ear and out the other. You've heard it so long that you don't bother to listen. But, then one night someone tempts you with it. Waves it around in your face and your left there speechless. Your trying so very hard to remember. What was I supposed to say? Should I leave? But, then you get yourself on thinking this temptation is too great. You get yourself thinking, it's only once, what the hell? But then, after it's over, you remember all that stuff that they told you. You remember what they told you say and how to act. And you think to yourself: oh shit.
Or maybe it was an accident. You weren't careful enough. Or maybe you took all the precautions but it still managed to get to you. Maybe you were the good ones who was just there at the wrong place at the wrong time. But still, you think to yourself: oh shit.
God bless you! You were the very good one. The one who stayed well away from all that stuff. Not even going to parties because you knew exactly what to expect. You thought, there's enought crap to deal with in life, I don't need to shovel in some more..... Good for you, because you never had to think to yourself: oh shit.

Ps: This post was kind of out there.....

Pps: No, I did not ever experiment with any of this kind of "stuff." Thank God.

Ppps: Don't mess with it. Stay well away. Like I said before, there's enought shit in life, don't shovel more in.

Pppps: Sorry about all the shits.


  1. first i thought you were talkaing about sex, then drugs and alcohol, but i guess they could all fall under this category. i like reading something like this every so often. it was frech. nice to have found your blog. =]

  2. Your blog post title made me laugh. :D

  3. This could apply to many temptations. I was thinking temptations of the herbal kind if you catch my drift. I have always steered clear of it initially because of the horrid smell and because I've seen too many friends make it a priority in their life and quit being fun or interesting souls.

  4. So many people at my school do drugs at my school... it's crazy. We even have a big huge police officer guy go around and periodically check lockers whose inhabitants have exhibited suspicious behavior.... but I DAREd to resist drugs and alcohol in fifth grade, so I'm doing so ;) haha

  5. I know exactly wat u mean! but thank goodness I have not experimented with any of that stuff!
    and thanks for the bloggy compliment!
    YOu have a cool blog too!