Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Apologies mean nothing for years of suffering. Or do they?

Maybe you had just had the most wonderful day at work. OR maybe you had just had the most horrible day at work and you were longing to go home and make yourself a nice, lovely, steaming, hot cup of tea. Either way, you were not expecting this. If you had experienced a lovely day, well, that lovely day just turned into the most crappiet day of your life. If you had experienced a crappy day already, then, your day just got crappier. Either way, you did not expect this to happen to you.
Your thoughts: this only happens to people who ask for it, this only happens to people who wear clothes that are easy to rip off, this only happens, this only happens, this only happens... to other people.
But you were wrong. This happened to you. My dear friend, it pains me at this very moment, to be telling you of such a horrible thing, but I am afraid you must hear me out. First of all, let me remind you of the most important thing: IT WASN'T YOUR FAULT! Do what you need to do, get some help... anything. Anything.
I am deeply sorry to be telling you of such horrors. To be reminding you of thes types of things that may or may not happen to you. My wish is that this will never happen to you and that there will be a day were the people who have commited such horrible things will be punished.
All I must say at this moment, and it may not mean much, is three words. I am sorry.


  1. That's so true, though. How everyone seems to think that they're invincible, somehow protected from all of those horror stories that we hear about. We don't give things a second thought when they happen to other people, but when it's you, it really puts things into perspective...