Sunday, June 28, 2009

And then, there's that peace I never once thought about.

We could have met. Somewhere along the line, I could have seen your face. Maybe you were smiling. Maybe you were sad and there were no smiles for me that day. I just want you to consider that possibility. We could have met.
You know there's something that keeps getting into my mind. Something that keeps getting in there and savoring its visit. I keep thinking about peace. I keep thinking about what I never thought about when I did think about peace. I never took it for what it was. Peace is peace. It's not worrying. Something many of us have the luxury of having. But, I bet there's a young girl out there who once had that peace we now currently pocesss and lost it. Lost it to some dirty little man who was selfish and greedy and who only had one thing on his mind. And it certainly wasn't peace.
So when your lying in bed, please think about peace. And thank (whatever the hell you believe in) thank that thing for your peace. And pray for those who do not have it.

Ps: I hope this first post did not overwhelm you. I was just laying on my bed staring at a doll I used to take with me everywhere. I looked at him and my mind just started wondering and then I got onto the topic of peace.

Pps: I'm not trying to leacture you about a certain topic. I'm just a regular human being like you (I hope your somewhat regular or as regular as regular gets) trying to figure things out. And some I just happen to jot down here.


  1. It scares me sometimes, how easily I could have met some of the people whose blogs I read and lives I follow. How I could well have already passed them whilst walking down the street.

    This is a wonderful first post. I was only five minutes ago worrying over schoolwork and my hair, and now I'm sat here going over the idea of peace in my mind.

    Thankyou for your lovely comment, by the way!


  2. It's funny how the most random things, like childhood dolls for instance, can conjure up such thoughtfulness. But yeah, we really shouldn't take for granted the peace that we do have.

    Thanks so much for the comment! And I think this is a wonderful start to your blog :)

  3. An immense first post! It is amazing what thoughts can be conjured from looking at inanimate object.

    Welcome to blogger!

  4. I absolutely love this.
    And its so true that we could have met somewhere along the way.

  5. Not too overwhelming, fear not.
    Definitely agree.